Kittycoin Token Review – Reasons why I invested $1000 into

By | June 12, 2021

Kittycoin is a new meme-based cryptocurrency, meaning it’s similar to Dogecoin in that regard. However, with Kittycoin, 10% of the tokens are channeled to user-voted no-kill animal sanctuaries. To put it another, this digital currency offers investors the dual opportunity to earn some money and protect certain groups of animals, including abandoned and endangered animals. With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about this cryptocurrency.

The Goal of Kittycoin

• Increase in Global Adoption of Cryptocurrency

Kittycoin will airdrop millions of Kittycoin tokens to individuals across the globe and this is meant to take cryptocurrency use to the mainstream. The kittycoin team hopes to achieve this by providing each of the token holders an incentive to share Kittycoins with all friends and family by taking part in the Kittycoin Referral Program, which is similar to the Amazon referral program. The more users you successfully refer, the more Kittycoin tokens you’ll receive.

• Support Animal Rescues and Shelters

Another key purpose of Kittycoin is supporting no-kill animal rescues and shelters. Kittycoin will support these causes via an innovative in-built charity voting application. Specifically, the voting application will allow you to have a say on which specific organizations will receive 10% of the newly minted Kittycoins. Whether it will be helping local abandoned kittens and puppies or supporting endangered species in wildlife reserves, you will vote for the cause and Kittycoin be there to help.

Why you should Adopt the Kittcoin Token

• Get Your First Kittycoin Tokens for Free

Unlike most cryptocurrency tokens that you have to pay to use, Kittycoin will onboard users by airdropping 40% of the tokens for free. So if you don’t have the cash to purchase Kittycoin Tokens, no worries, just sign up and you’ll receive your first Kittycoins for free. The signup bonus will drop over time, so the earlier you signup the better.

• Fast and Cheap Transactions

Kittycoin transactions, on average, will cost you less than are a penny and are almost instant.

• Effortless Mining
To mine Kittycoins you don’t need costly, sophisticated, or expensive mining equipment. All you need is your Home PC or even smartphone.

How to Get Started

• Choose a Wallet

Download a crypto wallet that’s compatible with Kittycoin. Here is a tutorial and a list of wallet applications.

• Claim Your Free Tokens
Once you’ve set up your wallet application, you’ll receive 10,000 free Kittycoins.

• Refer and Receive More

Share Kittycoin with all your friends and family; the more you share, the more you’ll receive. For each individual you successfully refer, you’ll receive a 20,000 Kittycoin bonus. You can acquire a million Kittycoins by just referring 20 people.

Invest Today

The Kittycoin network is expanding exponentially and Kittcycoin’s goal is to onboard millions of users in the next few years. With that, the Kittycoin token price will likely rise. If you like the Kittycoin mission and if you want to make money whilst spreading cryptocurrency and Kittycoin adoption globally, purchase your tokens today.


Kittycoin is a digital currency that aims to create value for its investors, as well as support animal shelters and sanctuaries.